The idea of integrating British non-traditional insurance products with traditional American insurance markets is where we started.

While connecting program administrators to industry brokers, the need for a more efficient distribution model became apparent. Seeing the emerging niche, we soon took a turn in the direction of developing management software to better administrate this evolving marketplace.

BritAmerica Incorporated was established in 1998 with the purpose of becoming a central distribution center with the capability of facilitating the international services and capabilities of our London partners with the North American markets. We understood at the time that administrative software was the missing key in many unsuccessful programs.

Insurance companies had a need for software that was tailored-made to their program, giving them accurate billing, claims and policy information. Their independent agents were focused on the tools that would provide them with real-time comparative quotes delivered quickly and efficiently.

This arrangement – that provided access to admitted insurance carriers, the non-admitted insurance market, a central distribution center, and management and marketing software – gave our clients the edge.

We built our reputation by understanding both the Insurance carriers and their client’s goals.


We took into consideration the macro process of data entry and management, issuing certificates, processing endorsements, handling multiple billing scenarios, collecting and tracking premium, providing customized management and company reports, capturing, tracking and reporting claim information, and every other process that was needed for a comprehensive policy management interface.

The result was AdminTransport, a custom developed, fully integrated data management system that streamlines day-to-day policy administration. We built a solution to enhance the relationship between a carrier, an agency, and their insured. The AdminTransport system delivers innovative features to help insurance companies service clients, and not just their policies.

AdminTransport streamlines and simplifies a wide range of administration operations; however, it does far more than just policy administration tasks. Our easy-to-use rating solutions for independent agents are becoming the rating systems of choice for several major insurance companies.

These rating solutions provide underwriting rules for rate indications, flag ineligible risks, display underwriting and rating messages, provide quick quotes for agents, and allow insurance companies the flexibility to modify rating changes quickly. With an integrated rating system accessed from a single interface through AutoLiability.comSM, PhysDam.comSM, and CargoLiability.comSM, the Underwriter has complete flexibility to configure their factors to operate within company guidelines without sacrificing consistency between risks.

Today’s marketplace requires the tools that allow agents and underwriters to deliver timely, accurate policy information when it’s needed most. BritAmerica software provides exactly what they are looking for.


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